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About us

About us

Our dental clinic ImpladentAL is a medical center specialized in dental services including various fields such as implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, paradontology, conservative and aesthetic dentistry.

We collaborate with a large group of specialized doctors working with enthusiasm, energy and professionalism. To our patients we offer the best support from all the staff, oral hygiene education, high quality materials and warranty on all the treataments  effetuated.

Thanks to our modernly equipped rooms, advanced technologies and sophisticated methods we offer our patients a complete and effective service. In our surgery rooms we undertake implant surgery and oral surgery intervents by providing our patients both care and attention, before and after surgery, according to the highest standards.

We make sure that waiting for your dental care becomes comfortable by making each patient feel at ease.

We are a dental clinic located 50 meters from the center of the city. With our cheap prices, you can save the costs of your dental care for at least 60% while you can rest.


The full dental exam starts first with a discussion of what the patient’s main concerns are, in order to formulate a correct diagnosis and approach to treatment. Through the objective examination and X-ray assessment, the condition, position and function of the teeth are assessed for the risk of decomposition, the risk of gingival or bone diseases and the risk of possible future functional problems. The most important part of a complete diagnosis is the patient’s understanding.

The exams are performed together with the patient and the assistant to provide both full understanding of the condition of the mouth and full participation in the examination by the patient. Only through mutual understanding can a true treatment relationship be established, in which patient and provider learn and grow with each other in the years to come, always offering and accepting feedback to ensure that their health needs are met as effectively as possible.

At ImpladentAl we have a key philosophy: treat our patients as individuals and not as numbers. Going to the dentist should be a positive experience, and so we do our best to make you feel relaxed during your visit. With a friendly and attentive approach, our team always has time to discuss any doubts and questions you may have.

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Our Advantages

Low Cost

Our clinic uses the best technologies and innovations to provide the best service at a cost that everyone should enjoy.

We use
innovative technologies

All our surgeries are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and maintained to the highest standards.

Guarantee of success
of treatments

Most of our treatments are covered by a long-term guarantee. We will provide you with this information before starting with dental care.

Certified Dentists

With over 30 years of experience and extensive dental implant experience, we are experts in all aspects of dentistry..


The well-being, safety, well-being and happiness of our patients are of primary importance for all members of the dental team. Not only do we want our patients to receive the highest level of dental care and treatment, but we also want the overall experience to be enjoyable and relaxing!

We are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of dentistry and, as a result, we use the most advanced and modern dental systems and technologies, so that we can offer the best treatments to our patients. All members of our dental team are committed to staying up-to-date with the advanced dental market and regularly attending training sessions and seminars.

Our Services



It is now known that dental implants are titanium screws that are grafted into the jaw to support artificial teeth.



Periodontology deals with periodontal diseases affecting the gums (gingivitis), the periodontal ligament and the supporting bone tissue for the dental roots (mild, moderate, severe periodontitis).
Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease.



While the main purpose of traditional dentistry is the health of the teeth, the absence of dental caries and the treatment of toothache, aesthetic dentistry tends to evaluate the problem from another point of view, not forgetting its main task.



The prosthetic therapies are designed to ensure, at the same time, function, duration and aesthetics. Created for people who find themselves with a minor or severe dental damage, or who lack one or more teeth Prosthetic treatments are divided into fixed and mobile solutions.



Orthodontics is the specialty of Dentistry that deals with the knowledge of dental movements, cranial-facial development and alignment of the arches.
The orthodontist performs the diagnosis, prevents and treats dental and facial malocclusions (irregularities).



The so-called amalgam fillings, both for the fact that they require extensive tooth preparation and for the negative characteristics that the amalgam itself presents (quantity of mercury, toxic as well as allergic reactions), are now part of the past.



In addition to the sterilization and disinfection of all the material used, even the dental chairs, the tools used for work and the surfaces used during the work are sterilized and disinfected.



Cutting-edge and constantly evolving technologies to meet the requirements of professional standards, but more so for patients, in our work we start from a continuous investment in infrastructure and professional improvement.

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